How To Maintain DIY Eyelash Extensions

Author: Michelle Teeken   Date Posted:17 January 2023 

Now that you know HOW TO DO LASH EXTENSIONS AT HOME using our DIY LASH KITS, how do you maintain them? They typically last 3-5 days, (or longer) if treated with care. But as everyone’s lashes and lifestyles are different, results may vary. Keep reading to find out our universal tips on how to get the most out of your DIY eyelash extensions. 


Avoid Oily Products

oil in a bottle

If you want your lashes to last, avoid oil-based products as it’ll breakdown your LASH EXTENTION BOND Make sure you are using oil-free products on your face, particularly eye MAKEUP REMOVERS AND CLEANSERS. This goes for oil-based makeup as well, specifically eyeliner. If you can’t live without eyeliner, try lining your eyes with an angled brush and EYESHADOW instead.

TIP: Dip an ECO-FRIENDLY COTTON SWAB into an oil-free cleanser and gently wipe away the makeup around your lash line. 


Ditch the Mascara

mascara from Modelrock

You might be tempted to add a little MASCARA to your extensions for some extra volume or length. We highly recommend avoiding this, no matter how tempting it is. Same goes for waterproof mascara, this will be even harder to remove from the extensions. Ignoring this will create makeup build-up, making it difficult to clean your lash clusters for re-use. 

If you want to change the style of your lashes, simply remove them to replace the clusters. You can purchase our MIXED 12 STYLE LASH SET to fully customise your lash look without purchasing a whole new kit. 


Limit Sauna Visits & Swimming

swimming pool

Once your lashes are sealed with our LASH EXTENTION SEALER, it’ll create a water-proof raincoat and keep your lash clusters locked on. However, if you are sitting in a sauna daily, the heat, humidity, and sweat will cause the lash bond to break down at a faster rate.

The same goes if you are swimming every day. Your lash extensions won’t last as long due to the prolonged exposure to chlorine or salt water. We recommend wearing goggles to avoid this, and to also prevent rubbing your eyelashes when water gets in your eyes. 



Don't Rub Your Eyes

Don’t pick at your lashes, or rub your eyes, as it causes strain on your lash roots. You also want to avoid fiddling with them, due to the natural oils produced from your fingers. The oils can transfer onto the lashes, causing the bond to loosen each time.

If you can feel your lash clusters and they’re irritating your eyes, they have not been applied correctly. Completely remove the set and start fresh. Check out our blog HOW TO SAFELY REMOVE EYELASH EXTENSIONS and scroll to the bottom. It outlines specifically how to remove and clean your LashPlay! DIY Lash Extensions. 


Have you tried our DIY LASH EXTENSION KITS yet? If so, which is your favourite style? Comment below!

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