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MODELROCK Lashes - Lash Adhesive - Waterproof  7gm White/Clear - *LATEX FORMULA*


Waterproof lash adhesive goes on White and dries Clear and has a strong and flexible hold for your false eyelashes. 

Ingredients - Natural Latex, Acrylate / Copolymer, Aqua, HPC (Hydroxypropyl cellulose), Phenonip, Fragrance.


To Use -

Squeeze out from the tube your desired amount of lash adhesive and let the adhesive sit for 60 - 90 seconds to become tacky before applying your lashes, letting the adhesive to sit for 60 - 90 seconds to become tacky first will give you the best results.

To Remove -

Gently peel your false eyelashes from your eyes starting from the outer corner going inwards. Our special formulated adhesive peels off from your false lashes very easy.

SKU: MRL5771