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GOLD LUXE - The 'INSTA-LIFT' Lash Curler

The 'MUST HAVE' Beauty Tool !

Want Sky-High Lashes? The 'INSTA-LIFT' Curler is all you need. Position the curler on your lashes at a 45-degree angle and clamp curler together, repeat this process 3 - 4 times and VIOLA! Your lashes will be sky-high and voluminous. 

The 'INSTA-LIFT' Curler works to lift, curl and lengthen the appearance of lashes in seconds, the specially designed curved head helps to lift the lashes to ultimate heights!



* Gives the ultimate curl to your lashes

* Lashes are transformed into a beautifully elongated shape that effortlessly opens up the eye.

* Constructed with white silicone pads so that natural lashes can be seen easily through the closed curler.

* specialty Pearl Gold electroplating for a beautiful elegant look

* Crafted from premium 420-grade stainless steel

Made in SPAIN

SKU: MRL2144