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LASH PLAY - DIY At Home Lash Extensions Kit - *MIXED STYLES 12 Sets*


  • 12 x DIY Extension lash sets
  • Mixed Sizing includes 10mm + 12mm + 14mm

Our Lash Play DIY Extensions are designed to be used once to keep that fresh, salon quality look, however some customers do wish to re-use their lash extensions. If you do wish to do this just ensure you clean the lash extensions and the lash band of all bond residue and lash sealer before re-applying. If there is any bond or sealer residue, oils or dirt, the lash extensions will not adhere as well as the first time and will not last long. If the lash clusters have been treated with care and if they have been cleaned thoroughly and stored back onto the lash tray in readiness for next use it is possible to re-use them.


Product image

**Sizing charts are an indication of approximate length - as all of our lashes are 100% hand-made the length 'can' differ just slightly due to the hand-made nature of the product**