Winter Palettes - How to Match to Pale Colours

Author: Michelle Teeken   Date Posted:5 August 2022 

Do you have cool or olive undertones? Perhaps you have medium to high contrasting features? You may be a Winter type! In today’s blog, we will be going over how to know if you’re a Winter, and if so, which colour category do you belong to. 



There are three types of Winter colour categories which are True Winter, Bright Winter and Dark Winter. A factor that all categories have in common is that they suit cool colours better than warm ones. Below we have listed typical characteristics to distinguish whether or not you fall into these categories.

True Winter

You are a True Winter if the main colour aspect of your overall look is cool, and the secondary aspect is bright. Typically, your colouring is frosty and there is no warmth in any of your features. You may notice blue undertones dominate your skin, hair, and eyes.

Bright Winter

You are a Bright Winter if the main colour aspect of your overall look is bright, and the secondary aspect is cool. Typically, there is a very high contrast between your hair, skin and eyes. Your features are saturated and bright which gives you a sharp and clear appearance. 

Dark Winter

You are a Dark Winter if the main colour aspect of your overall look is dark, and the secondary aspect is cool. Typically, your hair and eyes are dark in colour. Your skin may be dark or very light, but overall cool in undertone. Dark Winter types always have a high contrast between their features regardless of complexion. 

Girl's face with example of three winter palettes



Now that you have discovered what Winter category you are, its time to find out what colours and palettes best suit you. Below we have put together some suggestions on shades you can use for eyeshadows, blush, lipstick and gloss. But for complexion, head over to our previous blog HOW TO CHOOSE THE BEST FOUNDATION FOR YOUR SKIN TONE.


True Winter

True Winter colours are sharp, cold, bright, and powerful. The colours range from very light to very dark. True Winter make-up looks best when it's cool and sharp. 

True winter Modelrock makeup palettes examples


Bright Winter

Bright Winter colours are clear, vivid, powerful, striking and fun. The colours are saturated but still cool in toning. Bright Winter make-up looks best when it's contrasted, colourful and vivid. 

Bright winter eyeshadow and lipgloss palettes from Modelrock


Dark Winter

Dark Winter colours are rich, deep, lush, striking and powerful. The colours are dark, neutral-cool and somewhat bright. Dark Winter make-up looks best when it's deep and intense. 

Dark winter eyeshadow and lipstick palettes from Modelrock



The Natural Look

To achieve the natural look to suit a winter palette, go for a cool pink or purple lip colour (shade will vary depending on depth of skin tone) and some black mascara on your lashes. Even though the lip shade may seem bold at first, it will compliment your features.

Going for a ‘true’ nude or similar tones that don’t have enough intensity will make you look washed out. To best compliment your features and palette, make sure that both your eyes and lips must have the same intensity. This will create overall balance to your characteristics. 

Girl with natural look makeup from Modelrock


The Pin-up Look

To achieve the classic pin-up look to suit a winter palette, go for a light eyeshadow, winged black liner and a red lip. Try various reds depending on your Winter Colour palette (and depending on depth of skin tone) to see what best suits you. 

Girl with pin-up makeup look from Modelrock


Smokey Eyes

To achieve a smokey eye look to suit a winter palette, experiment and play with grey tones. Don’t opt for a ‘true’ nude lip as it can wash out your features. Try something with a bit more saturation instead. 

Girl with smokey eyes Modelrock makeup look


Are you a Winter type? Let us know in the comments below which you are and what your go-to makeup look is!

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