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SNATCHED 3.0 is thin & wispy, long length to really open your eyes and snatch your outer ends!

Lash Size Chart

- Lash Band Length = 3.2cm

- Inner hair length = 8mm 

- Mid point hair length = 14mm 

- Outer corner hair length = 19mm

MODELROCK x KRYSTAL K SNATCHED lashes have been hand crafted to ensure each individual lash hair is positioned on a 45 degree angle to the lash band, allowing it to give you the perfect cat eye effect! The outer end lash hairs have an accentuated curl to further lift your eyes up and outwards leaving you feeling so snatched!

**Adhesive NOT included - Adhesive Can be purchased separately**

Product image

**Sizing charts are an indication of approximate length - as all of our lashes are 100% hand-made the length 'can' differ just slightly due to the hand-made nature of the product**

SKU: MRL1703