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GOLD LUXE - Professional Face Brush Set - 5 piece

Professional 5 Piece Face Brush Set is the ultimate collection of luxurious vegan makeup brushes that will deliver professional-quality results every time seamlessly and flawlessly applying your desired products.

GOLD LUXE 'SERVE-THAT-FACE'  5-piece essentials set is the Ultimate collection of luxurious professional makeup brushes made to withstand multiple years of use, the velvety soft Vegan synthetic fibres and multitasking brush shapes deliver professional-quality results every time. GOLD LUXE brushes feel like crushed velvet on your skin, seamlessly and flawlessly applying your desired products. Each brush is handbound by specialised brush artisans using traditional brushmaking techniques for unparalleled performance and craftsmanship. The Vegan synthetic fibres housed in copper ferrules are flawlessly shaped and tied to help you create a precise application, hardwood Birch handles are 8 times coated for longevity and durability.
Set Inclusions -






* THE MULTI-TASKER - Your magic, all over wand - The Multi-Tasker brush is exactly that and is an essential brush that will always 'Serve that Face' - create ultimate definition and perfectly placed natural radiance on the face.
* THE GLOW CREATOR - Whether you’re highlighting your cheekbones or contouring this versatile designed brush can be used to do highlighting, contouring or setting with powder, the velvety soft Vegan bristles deliver professional-quality results every time.
* CONTOUR QUEEN - Densely packed base and fluffy tip apply your contour flawlessly, create sharp snatched lines and then use the fluffy tips to blend out for a seamless finish. The unique shaped head combined with the density and shape give this brush very controllable movement. You can gauge exactly how much pressure you need throughout your application adding perfect dimension to the face structure.
* BUFF AND BLENDER - Is perfectly crafted for applying your liquid or cream foundation base products, features a densely packed base with super-soft, flat-top bristles that ensures flawless blending of product into the skin. 
* CHISEL-SCULPT-SHADE - Our most unique shaped brush, use her to achieve that flawless and snatched finish to your makeup. Chisel-Sculpt and Shade cheekbones, forehead and jawline, the curve shaped design hugs the contours of the face and will help you create a flawlessly snatched finish.