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Naked Naturals are a beautiful curated collection of the most light and delicate natural style lashes that will mimic the look of your natural lashes, perfect for the 'No Makeup - Makeup look' - also perfect for Brides who want a very natural lash look on their special day!

Our NANO-LITE lash band is the thinnest of it's kind for a strip lash at just 0.06mm which is literally undetectable on the eyes, the lashes are therefore super light-weight and offer superior all-day comfort.


Lash Size Chart - 

- Lash Band Length = 3.0cm

- Inner hair length = 3mm 

- Mid point hair length = 7mm 

- Outer corner hair length = 11mm


Hand-Made with love from vegan & cruelty free next-generation synthetic silk tapered fibers and onto our NANO-LITE invisible lash band to ensure lashes blend seamlessly and flawlessly with your natural lash line - All MODELROCK lashes are completely Hand-Made by our skilled Lash artisans team who have years and years of experience in the ART of creating beautiful faux eyelashes and thus gives the quality and consistency that MODELROCK are globally renowned for. 

Lashes are reusable up to 10 wears when handled and treated with care.

**Adhesive NOT included - Adhesive Can be purchased separately**

Product image

**Sizing charts are an indication of approximate length - as all of our lashes are 100% hand-made the length 'can' differ just slightly due to the hand-made nature of the product**

SKU: MRL4193